Created by Johannes Marx & SHOXXX

Online Live Streaming! We invite artists into our special-made dreamy box and you watch live what they perform there. 100% DIY live streaming project from Berlin!

Johannes Marx (musician, artist, innovator - Pitchtuner, MARX, MARX Instruments) created a special live-streaming set.
Stage design and graphics are made by visual artist SHOXXX.

Live streaming from atelier SHOXXXBOXXX in Berlin-Friedrichshain, Germany.

...what is "SHOXXXBOXXX"??
SHOXXXBOXXX is an art label & an artist platform with an atelier-gallery space in Berlin, Germany, founded by visual artist SHOXXX.
SHOXXXBOXXX is hosting events sporadically, like exhibitions, music video nights, living-room concerts, also cultural & culinary events and more.
Since end of 2017 SHOXXXBOXXX is used also as a studio-community (Ateliergemeinschaft). The rooms are used by 4-5 fixed community members who are active in various fields, such as design, visual arts, photography, music, etc..

Watch the live show on YouTube / Facebook / Twitch!!!

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Live with PC Nackt (YouTube Video)

Live with Josa Peit, Jan Brauer and Kai Sievers (YouTube Video)